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Which World Cities Have the Highest Concentrations of Billionaires? | TitleMax (2)

Where would you live if money was no object? In truth, one’s location has a significant influence on opportunities for wealth, investing, and connections, but success (or a fortunate birth) happens across the globe. The billionaires list is most abundant with billionaires from the United States, China, France, India, and Japan. Ever wonder what city has the most billionaires in the U.S.? The U.S. city with the most billionaires is New York City, which has far more billionaires than most countries do. This infographic found on TitleMax.comshows the numbers of billionaires per capita by city around the world:

Which World Cities Have the Highest Concentrations of Billionaires? | TitleMax (3)Which World Cities Have the Highest Concentrations of Billionaires? infographic

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Which World Cities Have the Highest Frequency of Billionaires? Transcript

The 30 World Cities With the Most Billionaires Per 100,000 People in 2021

RankCityCountryNumber of BillionairesEstimated PopulationEstimated Billionaires Per 100,000 people
2San FranciscoUnited States56874,9616.400
5DallasUnited States191,331,0001.428
6New YorkUnited States1128,419,0001.330
7Hong KongHong Kong827,507,0001.092
12Los AngelesUnited States283,967,0000.706
23SeoulSouth Korea329,776,0000.327
25Sao PauloBrazil3512,330,0000.284
29New DelhiIndia4021,750,0000.184


What City Has the Most Billionaires per Capita?

The city with the most billionaires per capita is Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva has 19 billionaires and an estimated population of 198,979, which means that there are around 9.5 billionaires per 100,000 people.

Here are the top 20 cities with the most billionaires per capita:

  1. Geneva, Switzerland, billionaires: 9.54875 per capita (19 total)
  2. San Francisco, California, billionaires: 6.40029 per capita (56 total)
  3. Stockholm, Sweden, billionaires: 2.15263 per capita (21 total)
  4. Paris, France, billionaires: 2.03609 per capita (44 total)
  5. Dallas, Texas, billionaires: 1.42750 per capita (19 total)
  6. New York, New York, billionaires: 1.33032 per capita (112 total)
  7. Hong Kong billionaires: 1.09231 per capita (82 total)
  8. Manila, Philippines, billionaires: 1.06742 per capita (19 total)
  9. Taipei, Taiwan, billionaires: 0.98262 per capita (26 total)
  10. London, England, billionaires: 0.91294 per capita (82 total)
  11. Shenzhen, China, billionaires: 0.83799 per capita (105 total)
  12. Los Angeles, California, billionaires: 0.70582 per capita (28 total)
  13. Beijing, China, billionaires: 0.67317 per capita (145 total)
  14. Hangzhou, China, billionaires: 0.63707 per capita (66 total)
  15. Singapore billionaires: 0.61360 per capita (35 total)
  16. Moscow, Russia, billionaires: 0.57047 per capita (68 total)
  17. Bangkok, Thailand, billionaires: 0.48392 per capita (51 total)
  18. Foshan, China, billionaires: 0.43074 per capita (31 total)
  19. Shanghai, China, billionaires: 0.42933 per capita (113 total)
  20. Guangzhou, China, billionaires: 0.39843 per capita (61 total)

What City Has the Most Billionaires in Total?

The city in the world with the most billionaires is Beijing, China, with 145 billionaires. In fact, it is now called the “billionaire capital of the world.” Shanghai, China, has the second-most billionaires at 113. New York billionaires come in a close third at 112. The number of Beijing billionaires overtook the number of New York billionaires in 2021. Although Beijing has more billionaires than New York City, the combined net worth of the Big Apple’s billionaires is around $80 billion greater than that of their counterparts in Beijing.

The richest person in Beijing is Zhang Yiming, who is the founder of TikTok, with a staggering net worth of around $44 billion. This incredible wealth pales in comparison to that of the richest person in China, Zhong Shanshan, who is worth around $68.9 billion. Zhong’s colossal wealth was developed through bottled water and pharmaceutical sales.


    Which World Cities Have the Highest Concentrations of Billionaires? | TitleMax (2024)
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